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About Us

Backed by production Mecca of Shanghai and Yangtze Delta in China, SunSpan International is recognized as a fast-growing sourcing organization specializing in textiles, garments, shoes, and accessories. It provides a full range of managed sourcing services from low to high end products, meeting requirements with various combinations of quality and price. Our typical customers include well known fashion brands, distributors, specialty stores, department stores as well as mail order houses and e-commerce retailers, looking for outsourcing their production to China.

Enjoying long term partnerships with factories, suppliers, and consolidators, our competitive edge lies in ensuring our customers a cost efficient back end manufacturing solution. At SunSpan International, we know the importance of quality and consistency of our service to customers. We therefore make your concern an integrated part of our business with no compromise, which is guaranteed by qualified professionals permanently in the field, monitoring everything from on-site inspection of raw materials, in-line production, and pre-shipment inspections. Our effort has been endorsed by the long term corporation with department stores such as Wal-Mart and world brands such as KangaRoos, well known for their strict quality standards.

Our management team is composed of both veteran traders with strong expertise in the industry and MBA from world top business school with broad connections and years of management experience. Dedicated to the convincing future of the industry, all SunSpan people are working hard to better serve the diverse demands of our customers by continuously improving the operation process and providing a seamless flow of goods from factory floor to distribution center or selling floor.

SunSpan International is in search of long-standing partnerships with potential customers committed to China's market. For any inquiry, please refer to Online Feedback or contact us by email




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